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Lillibett Books was founded by Elizabeth Rodger Green, author/illustrator of books in several different genre for toddlers to adult . . . presented in the following.
Elizabeth was born and educated in Scotland. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art accredited by Glasgow University. She returned for a post-graduate year of study in children's literature during which her life-time interest in the well-being of young children was perceived. A portfolio of illustration weighted toward animal characters suitable for youngest readers was developed. Drawn to the center of publishing, she emigrated to New York where she was hired by Golden Books. In the ensuing years, she was in her element in the juvenile publishing arena, working for and published by majors. Meanwhile, she relocated to Northwest New Jersey where she raised her three sons in the rural town of Sparta. Encouraging her sons to pursue the athletic youth she had enjoyed, she was drawn into town activities and her interest in the well-being of youth took hold. She became the first President of the local Soccer Club, coached for thirteen years, the last eight with the sixteen to nineteen boys, and she served for ten years on the Recreation Commission. Due to her petitioning of the Town Council for playing fields, ninety acres was purchased and is now a wonderful complex for many sports and activities.
But for many years a story had buzzed about in the back of her mind. During her student years, hiking the mountains of northern Scotland as a member of the Glasgow University Mountaineering Club, she sensed an eeriness in the emptiness of the glens. Learning of the atrocities committed after the Battle Of Culloden had stayed in her thoughts and she finally felt compelled to tell the story of the ethnic cleansing in the region.



BY Elizabeth Rodger • POSTED ON Jan. 1, 2018

In this historical novel, a family strives for a new and better existence after the Scottish defeat in the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

Following their battlefield victory, the English forces are determined to punish the remaining Highlanders by burning their crops, killing or seizing their livestock, and pressuring them to flee. The Scottish MacKenzies, Donald and Morag and their children, eventually make it to the coast. But that proves to be just a respite with little future, so off they sail to the New World, specifically Virginia (on the way, their younger daughter dies and is buried at sea). Because they could not pay in full for the passage, Donald becomes indentured and treated no better than an enslaved person, while the rest of the family is taken in by a kindly widow, Mistress MacDiarmid (aka “Missiemac”), on her tiny farm. Robbie MacKenzie, not yet 13 years old, becomes the man of the house. The clan’s overriding goal is to save enough money to free Donald. Besides helping on the farm for room and board, Morag gets work in a tavern and Robbie in a print shop. Life is in many ways good to them; Donald is only a few miles away, so they can visit and keep up his spirits because his daily existence on a plantation is beyond cruel. But many tribulations lie ahead. Rodger is a very earnest writer. Her prose is somewhat arch, often reminding readers of an earlier time, as if she were channeling James Fenimore Cooper. For example: “Great was the need to replenish the fluids expended in the brawl” and “An amused twinkle” flitted “over his countenance at the youthful exuberance.” And there is almost a mismatch between some truly horrific and well-handled scenes of violence and misery, like the episodes below deck on the voyage, the brutalities on the plantation, and Morag’s almost dying in a blizzard (rescued by her son and the family’s heroic collie, Roy), and the happy events and developments. The upbeat episodes can be sentimental and tear-jerking (Dickens would be proud). Rodger is determined that her virtuous characters get what they deserve, even if it means obvious manipulation. Still, this is a story with a heart that will enchant readers who are willing to embrace the author’s feel-good liberties.

A captivating tale about a Scottish family’s turbulent journey.

Pub Date: Jan. 1, 2018

ISBN: 9781732585409

Page count: 352pp

Publisher: Lillibett Books

Review Posted Online: Jan. 16, 2024

Kirkus Reviews Issue: March 1, 2024



The saga of the Mackenzie family follows the older son as a Lieutenant in the Militia training teams to combat murderous raids in the Shenandoah during the French and Indian War. The younger Mackenzie son, Kenneth, a graduate with MD from the College of Philadelphia, at the urging of Benjamin Rush, travels to Scotland to study surgery under the best at Edinburgh University. Astonished at the surge of intellect in the foul smelling medieval city, he revels in the richness of the Enlightenment. On a trip north to his birth place, he visits Culloden to pay his respects to the Fallen. Back in Edinburgh, he receives a letter from his brother advising his return at the earliest as the political atmosphere is volatile with the colonial rebuff of the many Acts of taxation passed by London to defrae the debt of the war. On his return to Virginia, an invitation to lunch is extended by a college friend, Thomas Jefferson, who vicariously quizzes him about his impressions of Edinburgh. As a student at William and Mary, Jefferson was captivated by the egalitarian concepts of the Enlightenment espoused by a young Scottish Professor, William Small. The appreciation is evident in his writing of the Declaration of Independence. With the proclamation and the onset of war, the older son dusts off his uniform and rejoins the Militia.

Book 3 BUT FOR FREEDOM - progressing to complete trilogy
Published: March 18, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-732-5854-1-6


This delightful twist on the much-loved story of Noah will enchant young readers with its wonderful illustrations and gentle humor. When the great flood washes over the earth, Noah gathers two of every living creature on his ark. Everything is quiet and peaceful ... until the elephants begin making a fuss and rocking the boat with every move. It looks as if the ark might capsize until Noah has a wonderful idea that saves the day.
Published: June 1, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9839239-4-7


There's a fire, and it could be big trouble for the citizens of Happy Hollow! Luckily, the firefighters are there to save the day in more ways than one, as readers will discover in this entertaining story.
Published: Aug. 1, 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9839239-6-1


This illustrated book includes a treasure of stories -- one for every month of the year -- from sledding in January, picnics in August, to caroling at Christmastime. The content of this book will bring many hours of blissful togetherness as you and your child join the residents of Happytown to delight in the joys of each season.
Published: Dec. 1, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-732-5854-2-3
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