Sony Pictures Entertainment released a trailer for its upcoming film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us.

Hoover’s novel, published in 2016 by Atria, follows Lily Bloom, a florist who falls in love with surgeon Ryle Kincaid but soon discovers he has a dark side. She reconnects with Atlas Corrigan, a chef and her first love, threatening her relationship with Ryle. In a starred review, a critic for Kirkus wrote of the book, which became a TikTok phenomenon and bestseller in 2021, “Packed with riveting drama and painful truths, this book powerfully illustrates the devastation of abuse—and the strength of the survivors.”

The film adaptation is written by Christy Hall and directed by Justin Baldoni, and it stars Blake Lively as Lily, Baldoni as Ryle, and Brandon Sklenar as Atlas. The cast also includes Jenny Slate and Hasan Minhaj.

The trailer, set partially to Taylor Swift’s “My Tears Ricochet,” begins with Lily opening her flower shop, as Ryle walks in and asks if he is the store’s first official customer. “You’d have to buy something to be considered a customer; right now, you’re just loitering,” Lily responds.

Scenes from the couple’s romance follow, and then a shot of an angry Ryle breaking a glass. “Fifteen seconds: that’s all it takes to completely change everything,” Lily says in a voiceover.

It ends with another voiceover from Lily, who says, “As hard as this choice is, we break the pattern, or the pattern breaks us.”

It Ends With Us is set for a theatrical release on Aug. 9.

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.