Malcolm Gladwell’s follow-up to The Tipping Point is coming later this year.

Little, Brown will publish the journalist’s Revenge of the Tipping Point in the fall, the press announced in a news release. It describes the book as “Gladwell’s most personal and urgent book yet, as he examines with new eyes the phenomenon of social epidemics in light of the events and lessons of the last twenty-five years.”

The Tipping Point, which explores how small things can cause viral trends and sociological changes, was published in 2000. The book, Gladwell’s first, was a bestseller and helped send his subsequent books, including Blink and Outliers, up the charts as well.

Revenge of the Tipping Point, Little, Brown says, “revisits the phenomenon of social epidemics and examines the ways in which we have learned to tinker with and shape the spread of ideas, viruses, and trends—sometimes with great success, sometimes with disastrous consequences.”

The book will focus on epidemics, according to the publisher. “Above all, we must recognize our responsibility—as individuals and as a society—to take tipping points seriously if we want to change our world for the better,” it says. “With this thought-provoking new book, his most personal yet, Gladwell gives us the insights we need to meet these challenges in innovative ways.”

Revenge of the Tipping Point is slated for publication on Oct. 1.

Michael Schaub is a contributing writer.