Get the Sharpies ready—V.E. Schwab has her work cut out for her.

The bestselling fantasy author has revealed that she will sign the entire first print run of her next book, Bury Our Bones in the Midnight Soil, to be published by Tor Books next year.

Tor has announced market distribution of 500,000 copies, with the actual print run to be determined closer to publication. The author acknowledges that autographing the books will be a project of many months.

Schwab, 36, is the author of more than 20 books, including YA series and adult fantasy titles. In a starred review, a Kirkus critic called her 2020 bestseller, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, “a darkly romantic and suspenseful tale by a writer at the top of her game.”

Schwab told the online SFF magazine Reactor, “Signing this many copies is no small feat (what an understatement!), but the way I see it, this is the best gift I can give to my readers, far and wide, new and old, those who come to each and every one of my events and those who haven’t had the chance. Besides, the fact it will take me months to sign means I’ll get to catch up on tv shows guilt-free.”

The new novel will trace the entangled stories of three women whose bodies are “planted in the same soil,” beginning in 16th-century Santo Domingo and continuing through 21st-century Boston.

Bury Our Bones in the Midnight Soil is slated for publication in June 2025.

Marion Winik hosts NPR’s The Weekly Reader podcast.