CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing Merge: What This Means for Indie Authors

This past week, the publishing community received big news from Amazon: CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) are going to become one service. This is the latest in a series of changes to these two platforms, and we understand that it may be tough to make sense of how the moves affect you as an author....Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Your Books Online

Thanks to the internet—and a number of publishing options that include access to print and electronic distribution channels—you can sell your book almost anywhere. And the truth is that most successful authors sell through a variety of platforms. Every site, and every retailer, has its own audience looking for the next great read. Now all you have to do is reach them. Here are four ways to do just that....Read more

The 5 Most Important Formatting Considerations for Your E-book

The last decade has introduced a bold new world beyond hardcover and paperback; thanks to a variety of handheld devices, you can now reach readers anywhere and anytime. This makes distributing your book easier, but there’s a lot to consider when preparing your manuscript for digital release....Read more

Differences Between E-Book Formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI

When it comes to e-books and e-readers, one of the most important things to keep in mind is how the user will experience your book. Do you want them to be able to read it on only a few devices or even just a computer? Do you want the text to adjust according to the screen’s size? Do you have images and multimedia files that need to maintain a certain size or resolution in order for a reader to enjoy the full experience of your work?....Read more

The Complete Self-Publishing Guide for Authors

Now that there are multiple platforms for self-publishing, along with various distributors, discounts, formats, and price points to consider, getting a book to market can be nearly as complicated and daunting as writing one. This primer is designed to simplify the process and help writers reach everyone from Kindle readers to print devotees to staunch supporters of independent bookstores....Read more

Changes at CreateSpace: What They Mean for You

In January 2018, Amazon announced that it was discontinuing CreateSpace’s editing, design, and marketing services. You may have received an email informing you that CreateSpace would “no longer offer or fulfill any paid professional services, including text or design changes to your cover or interior files…after April 20, 2018.”....Read more

Review This Editing Checklist Before Publishing Your Book

It takes a village to make a book. At a major publishing house, a manuscript may go through several months’ worth of editing and be reviewed by multiple editors, each focusing on different elements from marketing to basic readability. There’s no easy substitute for that level of scrutiny, but this checklist will help you think like an editor....Read more

5 Tips for Writing a Great Book Description

An eye-popping cover may grab your readers’ attention, but it won’t guarantee they’ll stay on your product page long enough to buy. A well-crafted book description is the most effective way to market your work directly to your target audience....Read more

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Author Bio

Many authors find it easier to dream up an alien universe than to summarize their real-world accomplishments. In the old days, when the “About the Author” section was buried at the back of the book, you could get by with a little résumé-speak. Now, though, your bio is front and center on your product page, and it needs to sing....Read more

5 Things to Know When Making a Copyright Page

Who’s afraid of the big, bad copyright page? Lots of self-publishing authors are, as it turns out. We get it. You’re not a lawyer. (Or maybe you are, in which case, congratulations on finishing your book, Counselor.) But have no fear: you don’t need to master the ins and outs of copyright law in order to protect your book. A good copyright page consists of five simple components...Read more

Everything You Need to Know About ISBNs

The self-publishing world is full of important-sounding acronyms, and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is one that creates much confusion among new authors...Read more

Do You Need a Prologue or Epilogue?

Does your book need a prologue or epilogue? … Does your dog need a sweater? Does your burrito need black beans? Probably not, but then again…maybe? No genres require prologues or epilogues, and you should never feel compelled to write more chapters if your story feels complete without these elements. That said, when done right, a good prologue can grab a reader’s attention or elegantly introduce a key piece of mythology. Read more

The Importance of Being Platform Agnostic

Whether or not you believe you’ve meticulously crafted the next bestseller to top the charts, it’ll never reach its highest heights without pivoting your marketing strategy towards multiple platforms. Not only is it crucial for motivating book sales, but it also allows you to build your brand as an author and identify the type of readership you want to reach....Read more