Does my book have to be reviewed by Kirkus in order to advertise?
No, we can link the ads to your page, personal website or any other destination; however, most of our advertisers get reviewed first and then use the campaign to promote their Kirkus review.

How much do the marketing programs cost?
In the interest of introducing consumers and industry influencers to self-published books they may otherwise never discover, we have priced our advertising campaigns to fit within individual authors’ budgets. Our multi-media campaigns (which include promotion on our website, in our email newsletter and in our print magazine) range in price from $1500-$5000, and our a la carte advertising options start at $500.

How long will my ad run on
All website campaigns run for two weeks.

Do I have to find a designer to create the ads?
Kirkus offers ad design at a very affordable price, but you are welcome to use your own designer if you’d prefer.

Will you help me determine the best time to promote my book and which campaign is best for me?
We will work closely with you on every detail—from planning and design to execution and measuring results.


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“Kirkus‘ advertising program helped me draw additional attention to my books. In August, 2012, Identity Films, Hollywood, optioned The Gaia Wars series for film.”
—Kenneth Bennett, author of The Gaia Wars
Read more about Kenneth’s deal in Variety >

“In this burgeoning eBook marketplace, if your book doesn’t stand out then it will die slowly and silently. You must stand out. Kirkus Indie Reviews and Kirkus Advertising are the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get noticed. I made use of them and now I have national attention.”
—Adam Connell, author of Lay Saints

“My greatest period of sales to date occurred during the 2 weeks I advertised on the Kirkus website. The Kirkus staff was extremely helpful throughout the process and worked very well with my graphic artist. The Kirkus star also gave me a personal boost in that it provided an independent validation of my first effort in the publishing world. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Kirkus. My advice for someone who is thinking about submitting their work for a Kirkus review: Do it. Make sure you have a good editor and proofreader (not yourself) and give it a thorough, honest scrub first, but take the plunge.”
—Daniel Rich, author of Project Gitmo

“Since my first Kirkus campaign began, my book has consistently sold better than it was selling before the campaign started. Kirkus has given me everything I could have wanted in the way of marketing.”
—Amy Billone, author of The Light Changes

“We've run a number of different promotional activities in connection with the book and I must say that the promotion we ran with you delivered the highest dividends.”
— Tae Kim, author of War with Pigeons

“I won't hesitate to call on you again for further business with Kirkus Reviews!”
— Raymond Keen, author of Love Poems for Cannibals

“I'm very glad I did it...I sold quite a few books during those two have not seen the last of me.”
— Rea Martin, author of Mystic Tea

“I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries and I know I will soon have an agent and and publisher...just the advertisement itself, which was so beautifully designed, is continuing to have a wonderful impact.”
— Rick Lenz, author of The Alexandrite

“I believe my ad campaign worked very well and I appreciate all your efforts!”
— Betta Ferrendelli, author of The Friday Edition

“Your Discovery package may have gotten me is a good start, and I have noticed a few things that hint at a good uptick in visibility.”
— Jason Helford, author of From a Killer's Mind