Books by Alma Fritchley

CHICKEN SHACK by Alma Fritchley
Released: March 15, 2001

"Fritchley works some felonious misdoings and an eventual violent death around the edges of a plot that showcases cozy Yorkshire domesticity, farcical romance, and a climactic fire that tidies up the loose ends."
Could this be the end for Letty Campbell—not so much the end of her affair with librarian Anne Marple or of her longer-running friendship with glamorpuss Julia Rossi, which has teetered on the edge throughout her debut (Chicken Run, 1998) and its two sequels, but the end of her far more deeply beloved chicken farm, now overshadowed by a health farm planned by Texas corporation CFC Inspirational Health and Beauty? Read full book review >
CHICKEN FEED by Alma Fritchley
Released: Jan. 1, 1999

"Letty's forays into high-level political scandal aren't as original or compelling as the down-home British lunacy of Chicken Run, but Fritchley manages again to invoke a tone as quiescent yet soothing as a root-beer float."
Like it or not, new vistas are opening for Yorkshire chicken farmer Letty Campbell (Chicken Run, p. 620). Read full book review >
CHICKEN RUN by Alma Fritchley
Released: June 1, 1998

"Readers scared off by the butch heroics of New Victoria's backlist can take comfort in Fritchley's first, a gentle lesbian love story with only a kiss of slow-burning mystery."
Even though Letitia Campbell's latest lover, sleek Julia Rossi, chose her job at Classic Cars over the arcadian pleasures of life at the chicken farm that Letty inherited from her aunt, Letty's willing to let Julia inveigle her into renting out a couple of fallow acres for an auction of stratospherically-priced autos. Read full book review >