Books by Anna Hammond

Released: May 3, 1993

The authors are artists who worked with a group of formerly homeless children to paint a mural on the wall of the South Bronx apartment building in which the children and their families were then living. Using sections of the mural as illustrations, they've constructed a fantasy about a homeless child joining a mysterious ``building parade,'' at the end of which the child receives a home. The bilingual story is rather contrived, but the murals are striking—full of movement, color, and dreamlike images: one window is framed by a bright circus wagon driven by a bearded man in a top hat and drawn by a hooded green creature that might have escaped from Dr. Seuss; blossoms, stars, moons, and trees in improbable colors drift through a midnight-blue sky; five people holed up a doll-sized apartment building with its windows, like TV screens, showing happy domestic scenes; angels with African and Hispanic faces watch over all. At the end, two foldout pages show how the mural fits together and tell how it came to be painted—the true story, unfortunately, is a lot more interesting than the fantasy it supposedly inspired. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >