Books by Anne Newlands

MEET EDGAR DEGAS by Anne Newlands
Released: March 21, 1989

A presentation of 13 representative paintings plus one sculpture, beautifully reproduced in full color. In the text—by an educator at the National Gallery of Canada, which is also responsible for this book—Degas, "narrating" in a friendly, companionable voice, tells the young viewer something about the subject of each work, why he chose it, and what kinds of decisions he made in placing figures, as well as in choosing the moment depicted and the point of view. Beginning with an early self portrait and a painting of a classical subject—an example of what Degas soon rejected in tarot of painting his own world—the book goes on to group paintings roughly by subject—so that, for example, two paintings of racehorses done 30 years apart arc contrasted. Never didactic, and with admirable simplicity, Newlands tells precisely as much as is needed to arouse interest and suggest the extraordinary artistry behind Degas' work. A fine introduction to a favorite painter. Dates, sizes, and present locations of the works are included. Read full book review >