Books by Anne Wingate

YAKUZA, GO HOME! by Anne Wingate
Released: June 15, 1993

Mark Shigata, the ethical, emotional, ex-FBI police chief of tiny Bayport, Texas, once again faces a hated foe—crime czar Buddy Yamagata. Mark's hitherto unmet cousin Rocky Omori is married to Yamagata's daughter Phyllis, and father to their four-year-old son Daniel. Because of Rocky's disobedience, the entire family is on Yamagata's hit list. Rocky, in desperation, has settled on Shigata and his wife, Lissa, as guardians for Daniel, if he escapes, putting them in danger, too. The Omoris are brutally murdered—but Daniel, well-hidden by Shigata despite flash floods in the area and the torching of his own house, is saved. For the moment. Now is the time for Shigata, using ammunition in the form of a safe-deposit key left by Rocky, to call in IOUs from the FBI, confront his own fears, and beard the enemy. He's helped, as always, by stalwart deputies Quinn and Hansen (Exception to Murder, etc.) and, this time, by Russian expatriate Max Kerensky. A fast-moving series of tense cat-and-mouse games laced with the legends of Japanese crime—and ending in sheer but not unexpected melodrama. Despite its clumsy title: a solid police procedural much enhanced by its exotic characters. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 1992

Ex-FBI man Mark Shigata, now police chief in Bayport, Texas, and his deputies Al Quinn and Steve Hansen (The Eye of Anna, 1990, etc.) find themselves beleaguered by the murders—a day apart—of Councilwoman Margaret Raskin and Ralph Miner, a local eccentric. The grisly remains are discovered in animal preserves inside Ark Park—the multimillion-dollar theme-park inspiration of oily TV evangelist Clifford Hobby. The only thing shared by the victims was their nosiness; the only real clue is some ivory jewelry found in Ruskin's handbag. Shigata is making little progress until his deputies disappear in the park one night—and he mounts a chase- and-rescue operation that uncovers a well-hidden secret and tests the mettle of Quinn's and Hansen's young sons. Pedestrian in the plotting but redeemed by Wingate's unpretentious style, warmly appealing central characters, and a zingy finish. Easygoing entertainment. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 18, 1990

Below-par Wingate (The Eye of Anna, etc.), who, here, has FBI-trained Chief of Police Mark Shigata, of Bayport, Texas, almost shot by an ex-cop, current prison escapee Steve Hansen, scheduled to be executed for murdering his wife and adopted daughter. Hansen was actually looking for Shigata's predecessor, Dale Shipp, who, he insists, framed him and drove his wife to murdering the pregnant Gaylene, then committing suicide. Shigata tosses Hansen back his badge and gun, and the two reopen the Hansen investigation. Among their findings: Shipp clearly railroaded Hansen into jail. Another murder occurs—Hansen again seems the most likely suspect—before the duo discover that Shipp's original cover-up was not planned to conceal his guilt, but that of someone else. The tempo here is placid—occasionally enlivened by a hail of bullets—and the shoddy plotting includes an easily spotted decoy (Shipp) and killer. Shigata and Hansen, however, are likable allies who may be shown to better advantage next time. Read full book review >