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Beyond Discipleship to Relationship by Barbara A.F. Brehon
Released: March 20, 2014

From author Brehon (Reach Me with SMILES, 2014) comes a guide for developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and helping others do the same.
How does one go from accepting Jesus Christ as savior to having a more intimate relationship with the son of God? "Jesus must be more than a casual acquaintance," Brehon says, as shelays out a plan aimed at both new and old believers both. In brief chapters that conclude with points for personal reflection—e.g., "How can you use your worst situation in service to the Lord?"—a plan is laid not only for individual spiritual growth, but with a nod toward helping develop it in others. Small groups, ideally with three members, are most effective for fostering Christian development, Brehon says, and the book includes forms that can be distributed to elicit feedback from group members. "When others see the presence of Christ in another person's life that they know, they are more likely to want the same transformation in their own lives," she writes, so trust in prayer, lead by example and accept regular feedback. Brief and never far from the point, the easy-to-follow book is peppered with biblical references and ideas stressing the importance of trusting the Almighty. The overall feeling is a heartfelt one, whether the topic is personal welfare—"You must take an all-inclusive approach to caring for yourself and maintain your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being to be the most effective instrument possible"—or what to do once the church has agreed to small group meetings: "Locate partners who will hold you accountable for who you say you are." For readers open to the idea, they'll find plenty of inspiration in this slim, practical guide.

Useful advice for Christians seeking to develop their own personal relationships with Christ while encouraging others to do the same. Read full book review >