Books by Barbara Probst Solomon

SMART HEARTS IN THE CITY by Barbara Probst Solomon
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

"Much else here is stitched out of self-obsessed aperáus and throwaway small-sector sociology, and the weave is neither tight nor enveloping."
Katy Becker is a woman living in what used to be called ``reduced circumstances''—a child of rich Upper East Side and Connecticut summer-estate-owning Jews (who proceeded to lose almost everything in the Crash), then the wife of an earnest law professor, who suddenly died on her, leaving her a young widow with a son. Read full book review >
HORSE-TRADING AND ECSTASY by Barbara Probst Solomon
Released: March 28, 1989

A ragged stocking of a book into which Solomon has stuffed an assortment of literary essays, interviews, political analyses, and a few bits of nostalgia. Read full book review >