Books by Brian Andrew Laird

TO BURY THE DEAD by Brian Andrew Laird
Released: April 12, 1997

"The not-too-convincing motive behind it all carries echoes of many adventure-romances from the past, but the exotic venue, a prose style that ranges from lean to lyrical, plenty of suspense, and the fresh, intriguing character of Gray Napoleon are definite pluses."
Laird (Bowman's Line, 1995) returns with a new hero but the same emphasis on the wonders and dangers of the desert reaches of Arizona and New Mexico. Read full book review >
BOWMAN'S LINE by Brian Andrew Laird
Released: July 17, 1995

"A creditable debut."
A first novel that touches on the history, beauty, and dangers of the Sonoran Desert as seen through the eyes of Nate Bowman, reporter for the Tucson Weekly. Read full book review >