Books by Carole Bellacera

UNDERSTUDY by Carole Bellacera
Released: June 1, 2003

"Wooden prose and preposterous plot: so bad it's kind of fun. From the author of East of the Sun, West of the Moon (2001), etc."
Trailer trashette turns into rich girl. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2001

"RITA Award-winner Bellacera (Spotlight, 2000, etc.) can spin yarns out of some pretty fluffy wool, but here she manages to keep the tempo up and throws some nice color into the weave."
Sometimes the old saw about being careful what you wish for can cut through a jungle of intrigue. Leigh Fallon is an example. The pretty and vivacious wife of Congressman Bob Fallon, Leigh has put up with her photo-op marriage for so many years that she can barely remember what romance feels like. A scout mother, Washington hostess, and children's book illustrator, Leigh is one of those who make up in activity what they lack in feeling. She even agrees to take a Norwegian exchange student into their home for a year, as a favor to a sociologist friend. But when Erik (a tall blond youth in his 20s) arrives, Leigh begins to get an idea of what she's been missing for so long. And when she discovers that Bob has been giving his secretary a good deal more than dictation, she feels no obligation to hold herself back—especially since Erik feels just as strongly about her. But passion isn't about to save the day here, and Leigh soon finds that her affair threatens not only her marriage (such as it is), but her relations with her three children as well. Where to draw the line? Well, no one ever traced the course of true love with a ruler. Read full book review >
SPOTLIGHT by Carole Bellacera
Released: June 1, 2000

"Neither romantic nor suspenseful, really, in a crossover that tries hard but doesn't quite work."
A hybrid second novel from Bellacera (Border Crossings, not reviewed) awkwardly mixes the sighs of a bodice-ripper with the mayhem of a political thriller, charting as it goes along the story of an American journalist who falls in love with an Irish rock star haunted by old ties to the IRA. Read full book review >