Books by Charles A. Salter

THE VEGETARIAN TEEN by Charles A. Salter
Released: Oct. 15, 1991

While there are numerous books about keeping healthy, including psychologist-nutritionist Salter's simultaneously published Looking Good, Eating Right, this is one of the few concerned with adopting various degrees of vegetarianism. The benefits and types are clearly defined: what is included or left out in pollo-vegetarianism, lactovegetarianism, and many more. Salter recommends making any dietary change gradually and takes care to advise on how to make up for possible nutritional deficiencies. Readers may be surprised to learn the identities of some famous meat-decliners, from Plato and Shakespeare to New Kids on the Block. The mature yet accessible tone here is like vegetarianism itself—lean and clean—and the advice for teens is especially strong: how to get parents to go along, how not to appear to be a fanatic, how athletes can give up meat. A recipe section is easy, appealing, and sophisticated. All in all, right on target. Notes; bibliography; index. (Nonfiction. 12+) Read full book review >