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SHIMMER by Dallas Reed
Released: Jan. 1, 2009

When partygoers accidentally unleash a malevolent presence from an ancient container recently discovered on the mountain summit, the town's residents begin to manifest erratic behaviors based on the seven infamous sins. Emma, newly arrived in Winter, Colo., recruits local teens to help keep the infection from spreading. One-dimensional characters add nothing to the plot, though some tension develops as the narrative explores the intersection of old ways with new development on the mountain. Emma's crush, Russ, makes a noble sacrifice, but the weak friendships between characters cause it to appear flat and manipulative instead of heroic and noble. The vaguely defined evil is an amplified version of a high-school ice queen—cold, but desperate for followers. Brian James's Zombie Blondes (2008) has much richer villains. Reed incorporates cell phones and the Internet into his storytelling to build a connection with teen readers, but they will likely find the portrayal of teen tech-users unflattering. Despite some potential, an unsatisfying villain coupled with an unsophisticated portrayal of teenagers cause this first effort at young-adult fiction to falter. (Horror. YA) Read full book review >