Books by Dan Keding

Released: Oct. 1, 2004

Storyteller Keding retells these 12 tales—"from the Baltic to the Balkans"—with a teller's note at the end of each. Most he learned from his grandmother, who learned them from her parents, who had a coffeehouse where she learned many of them from travelers or from her grandfather. They all have a familiar connection, e.g., a Croatian version of Stone Soup, is "Nail Soup"; "Strawberries in Winter," a Slovakian tale, is often titled "The Month Brothers"; "The Three Brothers and the Pot of Gold," offers a familiar theme of the value of work; and the motif of goodness rewarded is in "The Prince Who Married a Frog." While most of these stories have been available in single volumes or as part of other collections, these unembellished retellings are unique in their simplicity and the inspiration to look inside one's own family to find the storytellers and stories from generations past. (Folktales. 8-12)Read full book review >