Books by Dawna Lisa Buchanan

THE FALCON'S WING by Dawna Lisa Buchanan
Released: March 1, 1992

Bryn Cameron, 12, is confused and frightened: her father has pulled up stakes in Ohio and taken her to live with her recently deceased mother's sister in Ontario. At first, life on the farm is tense; Aunt Pearl seems stony and overfastidious, and Bryn must also adjust to her father's emotional withdrawal and to living with cousin Winnie, 14, who has Down's syndrome. But it turns out that Pearl is not as she first seemed: she loved Bryn's mother dearly and lives with the regret of their estrangement. Meanwhile, the other kids ridicule Bryn because of Winnie (maliciously dubbed ``Snake Girl''); but as Bryn bears daily witness to the love between Pearl and her daughter, she too learns to see beyond Winnie's limitations and becomes her champion at school, defying the bullying Rita and entering into a dangerous encounter that ends with the near-drowning of a child. Life begins to settle as Bryn's father starts to emerge from his shell and decides to stay at Pearl's. This first novel alternately delights and disappoints: while Winnie's relationships with Bryn and with Pearl are richly developed, there are many unanswered questions—not the least of which is why Bryn and her father have come to live with an estranged relative; there are also cryptic references to characters' motivations, particularly Rita's. An uneven first showing from an author worth watching. (Fiction. 10+) Read full book review >