Books by Deanna Wundrow

JUNGLE DRUM by Deanna Wundrow
Released: April 1, 1999

All the jungle's a stage for the resounding chittering, chattering, chirping, and croaking sounds of the rainforest creatures. "The jungle drum talks . . . Ba-da doom. Ba-da doom doom." An unseen drum determines the rhythm of the jungle, spreading a hush through the trees and across the water as the animals stop to listen. As the drum goes silent, mosquito, tree frog, wild boar, and jaguar spring to life. Insects are in concert with parrots; the monkeys join the recital until the whole jungle, from canopy to forest floor, is ringing. Hand-painted paper collages lend dimensionality to every forest creature, plant, and tree, alternately concealing and revealing animals, and offering vibrant surprises; these jungle murals buzz with color and texture in an animated and expressive work. (Picture book. 4-7) Read full book review >