Books by Deborah Gould

Released: March 31, 1992

A realistic story about the weekend experiences of a family of novice campers. After they buy an orange-and-yellow dome tent, Dad names it the ``Temple of the Sun''—ironically, it turns out: the weekend starts out wet. Still, though the ranger's program is rained out and changing the baby in a damp tent is a challenge, Jeannie makes friends with an older girl in a nearby camper, and the nature museum is fun. Best, the sun finally comes out in time for a taste of swimming, hiking, and toasting marshmallows under the stars. The events are simple, but the believable dialogue and well-chosen details bring this family and their cheerful coping with minor adversity engagingly to life—as do Paterson's fluid, impressionistic watercolors. (Picture book/Young reader. 5-9) Read full book review >

Aaron loves his new red-and-white shirt so much that he wants to wear it all the time—his mother has to be firm when it's time to wash it. It gets put away for winter, but still fits the next spring—though it isn't "as big or as bright as he remembered." But the next spring, it's definitely too small; still, Aaron loves it enough to save it from the giveaway box by putting it on the old stuffed bear he won long ago at the Spring Fair. A warm, comfortable story about growth, change, and loyalty, nicely illustrated with full-color, realistic pictures featuring a sturdy, cheerful child. The author and artist also collaborated on Grandpa's Slide Show (1987). Read full book review >