Books by Diane Tullson

Released: March 1, 2007

Written and formatted for reluctant older readers, this compressed coming-of-age adventure casts two contemporary teens into a three-day scramble through mountainous wilderness after their truck turns over on a remote logging road. Shuttling between anxiety and bravado as they struggle along forested slopes, cautious Liam and his brash buddy Tej also continue an ongoing argument, about whether Liam will stay in their comfortable, familiar small town after high school, or venture with Tej out into the wide world. Tullson tosses in not one but several bears to crank up the suspense, leads up to a wild climactic slide down a scree-covered pitch and closes with both a dramatic rescue and an important life decision. Combining plenty of action with realistically cogent concerns, this should find some success with its target audience. (Fiction. 14-18)Read full book review >
RED SEA by Diane Tullson
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

An angry teenager outgrows the pleasures of torturing her mother and stepfather after Red Sea pirates murder the one, severely injure the other and leave her adrift on a small, thoroughly looted boat. Unwilling participant in a year-long family sailing adventure that comes to a sudden, brutally explicit end, Libby finds herself in a desperate struggle—the physical challenges of surviving on the open sea and keeping her seriously wounded mother alive intensified by her own haunting fears and traumatic memories. The author draws on personal experiences sailing small craft for long distances to create an authentic-seeming nautical setting, and though a bit slow off the mark, Libby's first-person, present-tense narrative picks up plenty of speed and force as she weathers days of storm and terror, despair and isolation. Libby starts out a waspish, decidedly unsympathetic character, but comes out of her ordeal with an admirable measure of hard-won self-respect. Fans of Gary Paulsen's Voyage of the Frog (1989) and similar survival adventures will be riveted. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >