Books by Douglas Schofield

KILLING PACE by Douglas Schofield
Released: Nov. 21, 2017

"Muscular, overplotted intrigue that will have some readers checking their blood pressures and others their wristwatches."
Schofield drops the paranormal elements that made his first two thrillers (Storm Rising, 2016, etc.) hyphenated creatures for the more earthbound tale of a Homeland Security agent fighting a vicious baby-laundering operation. Read full book review >
STORM RISING by Douglas Schofield
Released: Nov. 29, 2016

"Schofield continues the unlikely merger of hard-boiled and fantasy he launched in Time of Departure (2015, etc.). There's probably more here for detective fans than paranormal buffs but still enough for both camps."
A cop's widow tries to clear her late husband's name. Read full book review >
TIME OF DEPARTURE by Douglas Schofield
Released: Dec. 1, 2015

"There's little new ground trodden in this debut, and the jarring narrative shifts do the paper-thin plot few favors."
A tough Florida prosecutor trying to prove herself in a male-dominated environment finds unsettling personal connections to a 1970s cold case involving eight abducted women. Read full book review >