Books by Eberhard Kronhausen

Released: May 12, 1989

Like Dr. Berger (above), the Kronhausens (whose earlier enthusiasm was touted in The Sex People, 1975) have discovered the fountain of youth and found the results of their own self-therapy too good not to share. The Kronhausens base their regimen on high-dose supplements of anti-oxidants and their vitamin co-factors, a formula devised—and sold—by Dr. Demopoulous to attack free radicals, the destructive unbalanced molecules thought to be responsible for aging and a slew of degenerative diseases, including cancers. The Kronhausens also offer a lot of advice on stress, exercise (moderate), and what foods to eat (seaweed, yogurt, legumes) and avoid (from fats and sugars to raw mushrooms and potato skins); and their book, at least three times the length of Berger's and diffuse where his is simple and direct, is crammed with reports of studies and bibliographic lists of sources—but to no particular end. After the initial promotion of Dr. Demopoulos' "micronutrient menu," it seems more and more as if the Kronhausens had gone fishing in a data base and tossed in everything they pulled up. Read full book review >