Books by Edla Van Steen

SCENT OF LOVE by Edla Van Steen
Released: Dec. 1, 2000

A fine collection of two imaginative stories and a prizewinning title "novelette" from the Brazilian actress, cabaret singer, and little-known author of such lively other fiction as Early Mourning (1997) and A Bag of Stories (not reviewed). "Queen of the Abyss," presented in modified dramatic form (with stage directions), extracts from the situation of an elderly man's return, after several decades, to his former family a haunting lesson about the impossibility of rejecting the past. In "Less Than a Dream," the discovery of an old infidelity subjects two beleaguered extended families to a succession of unpredictable, and hilarious, life-changes. And "Scent of Love," a newswoman's reconstruction of the life of an impulsive woman revolutionary, deftly evokes the interrelatedness and complexity of sexual attraction, political allegiance, and moral relativism. It's a terrific piece of work. Read full book review >
EARLY MOURNING by Edla Van Steen
Released: Jan. 1, 1997

Early Mourning ($13.95 paperback original; Jan. 1997; 144 pp.; 0-935480-84-6): A prizewinning Brazilian novel, whose author (A Bag of Stories, not reviewed; etc.) has been both actress and writer—and who in fact originally conceived this as a film script—fashions a multileveled portrayal of So Paulo society, high and low, using an ingenious premise: a robbery in a funeral home throws together in various combinations several otherwise unrelated mourners. An amazing amount of life is packed into comparatively few pages in this swiftly paced, dizzingly amusing novel. It's just the sort of book you hope will become a movie. . . . Read full book review >