Books by Edmund Blair Bolles

Released: Dec. 1, 1999

"Alternatively dry and gripping, with disorienting globe-hopping crosscuts—a science history whose subjects are motivated equally by daft heroism, back-biting egotism, and lonely, frequently despairing moments of insight."
Thrilling scenes of arctic winter animate an episodic examination of how 19th-century scientists slowly used circumstantial evidence to conceive of a distant Ice Age. Read full book review >
Released: July 16, 1991

"Bolles is more concerned with putting perception on a pedestal than in telling us what it's all about. (Nine line drawings.)"
In spite of the New Age-ish title, the latest from Bolles (Remembering and Forgetting, 1987, etc.) attempts to put perception in proper perspective—not as a mystical phenomenon, but at the very heart of how we comprehend ourselves and the world. Read full book review >