Books by Elise Title

INSIDE OUT by Elise Title
Released: Aug. 4, 2003

"Like Nat's debut (Killing Time, 2002), a mix of tough talk, imperiled women and their kids and pets, and men behaving badly—this time including a killer has to strain to stand out."
A troubled transsexual is the latest target in Horizon House, Dr. Natalie Price's Boston facility for convicts making a transition to their release. Read full book review >
KILLING TIME by Elise Title
Released: May 20, 2002

"First of a series."
Eight years after his conviction for raping coed Alison Cole, three weeks after his admission to Horizon House, the Boston pre-release facility Natalie Price runs, Dean Walsh is in major trouble again. Read full book review >
ROMEO by Elise Title
Released: Feb. 1, 1996

"A heavy-breathing debut most likely to arouse readers who don't put their brains in gear."
Former psychotherapist Title debuts with a novel about a serial killer who preys on the most secret fears of successful career women. Dr. Melanie Rosen has christened the killer ``Romeo'' because of his romantic streak: He wines and dines his victims and pushes them to complete sexual surrender before killing them, raping them, and cutting out their hearts (each heart faithfully presented to the next victim on her deathbed). Read full book review >