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ENTOMOLOGY by Ellen Doris
Released: July 1, 1993

First in the ``Real Kids/Real Science'' series, emphasizing firsthand exploration. The children here are shown collecting, studying, and experimenting with insects at The Children's School of Science at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Well-illustrated topical spreads discuss taxonomy, metamorphosis, and insect orders, and show children preserving and observing common species. But while the aim is to help young scientists explore on their own, Doris offers little safety information: ``Polistes wasps are less easily provoked to sting than yellow jackets or hornets, so observing them at work is relatively safe,'' she advises, without warning of the dangers in observing other wasps. And: ``Swarming bees are usually gentle and easy for a beekeeper to handle''—maybe, but young observers would be wise to keep their distance. Also, children wading in ponds or drainage ditches should have adult supervision and proper equipment. It's a shame that this striking, useful book doesn't give more attention to safe science. Glossary. (Nonfiction. 10-12) Read full book review >