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Ellen Ford never gave up and neither do I. I wrote The Lady Word a Hard Hat. I'm Helen Richards. I was an amateur when I wrote the book. I wanted to tell the story. I am now a professional, copywriting and finding the adventure exciting and challenging. My training has been with AWAI and has been extremely intense. I am offering my services for copywriting in many areas. I apply the specific guidelines proven through many years expounded by Claude C. Hopkins in his treatise, Scientific Advertising, and emphasized by the AWAI training. I wrote The Lady Wore a Hard Hat to tell the saga of a 45-year-old female who chose the road less traveled and pursued a degree in Construction Management at Purdue University. Ellen Ford met obstacle after obstacle in her determination to succeed in a man's workplace, construction. She dealt with gender discrimination, witnessed racial discrimination and was confronted with sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. The issue has saturated Media as the new year, 2018, begins. This occurrence gives the book added importance. The book was written as instructional material for students in the US Universities. Study guides are included. The Kirkus review does not address the detailed construction issues which confronted Ellen Ford who within five years reached the position of Project Manager of two large hospital buildings. Ms. Ford faced stress filled events in the installation of $29 million of medical equipment at a prestigious upper Midwest renowned institution. She received accolades for every project she built. Her story is that of perseverance and determination. Now, Ellen Ford has moved on and as Helen Richards is excited about a newly chosen endeavor. It will be as exciting and productive as being a Project Manager.


"An impressive journey, summarized a bit too dispassionately."
A short debut memoir detailing the career of the first woman to become a project manager for a large construction management company. Read full book review >