Books by Erica Briers

LITTLE DUCK LOST by Erica Briers
Released: Jan. 1, 2004

A mislaid duckling struggles to find his way home in this warm debut for the author. Descriptive verses describe the orphan's quest as he travels from riverbank to forest and over fields to the farm. During his journey, the duckling encounters the various wild critters that inhabit the countryside. From a somnolent frog to a gentle deer, the creatures are full of advice for the waif. On the verge of despair, his rescue arrives in the form of a friendly canine who returns the foundling to his family. The gentle repetition of scenarios and predictable outcomes are just right for piquing a young reader's interest while the themes of displacement and reunion will intrigue older preschoolers. Boey's delicately drawn illustrations illuminate the beauty of the countryside on heavy stock paper that is sturdy enough to withstand repeated readings. Embossing on each page highlights the minutiae of the drawings, while adding texture and appeal. This classic quest story, embellished with touches of whimsy, is bound to become a beloved favorite of little ones. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >