Books by Ernest Hebert

THE OLD AMERICAN by Ernest Hebert
Released: Oct. 16, 2000

"A brilliant work, destined to be one of the great American historical novels."
The current resurgence of American historical fiction (Cold Mountain, Cloudsplitter, The Gates of the Alamo) reaches something very like an apex here, the first fiction in seven years from the critically acclaimed author of the Darby quintet (The Dogs of March, 1980, etc.) set in Hebert's native New Hampshire. Read full book review >
MAD BOYS by Ernest Hebert
Released: Sept. 10, 1993

"Commendable for its new (if not especially promising) direction, but a botch all the same."
Hebert has forsaken his Darby series of novels about rural New Hampshire (The Dogs of March, 1979; A Little More Than Kin, 1982, etc.)—and realism itself, for that matter—to journey among the cyberpunky ideas of virtual reality and road-novel fecklessness. Read full book review >