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God and His Creation of the World, and the Origins of Languages and Nations by Fram Jehangir
Released: Nov. 12, 2014

Debut author Jehangir offers a brief look at Christianity and its relationship to other world religions.
How is one to understand the Holy Trinity? Is God truly omnipotent? The book explores these and other topics, beginning with the Bible before moving on to more diverse subject matter. As the author states, "this book is not intended to promote or reflect a particular theology or religious sect." It does, however, promote the idea that "no legendary or archaeological history of the world would deny" the biblical story of the flood, which was followed by a society of "people who had a common language and political unity." The book's underlying concept, therefore, is that all human beings are related, and so we must all avoid prejudice against others. It offers a swift primer on Christian theology and history, including a plain listing of the 12 disciples and a highly readable account of the Protestant Reformation. It's often bolstered by tables and images, which make its chapter comparing Christianity, Islam and Judaism particularly easy to follow. Skeptical readers may take issue with its citations of Wikipedia as a primary source and with its more controversial assertions, such as that "[a]rchaeology has discovered thousands of items, which prove the historical accuracy of the Bible," but the prose style remains earnest throughout. A foray into the story of the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton helps humanize the proceedings ("At least one-third of the peoples of the world put aside whatever work or activity they might have been engaged in just to witness a solemn church wedding of two young people"), although the photographs of this event, included in an appendix, seem somewhat out-of-place. Overall, readers who are sympathetic to this book's viewpoints will come away with new ideas to consider.
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