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CARL SANDBURG by Frances Schoonmaker Bolin
Released: June 1, 1995

A lavish offering of 33 of Sandburg's shorter poems, part of the Poetry for Young People series (see Bagert, above). Selections such as ``Fog,'' ``Arithmetic,'' ``Phizzog,'' ``Doors,'' and ``Jazz Fantasia'' display the range of everyday topics in which Sandburg found beauty, humor, or pathos. ``A Homely Winter Idyl'' is included as an example of one of his infrequent departures from free verse, and ``Skyscraper'' gives readers a taste of what the poet could do with a longer form. Following series format, unfamiliar words are helpfully defined in footnotes (though there is no word on the derivation of ``phizzog'' from ``physiognomy''), and an introductory biographical essay establishes a context for the poems. Arcella makes a grand debut; his intensely colored sculptural forms, carved from dramatic shadows, have a distinctly '30s look to them: the firm-jawed stalwart in overalls and bill cap opposite ``Young Sea'' and the construction worker standing atop the solid steel beams of an unfinished skyscraper might have come straight off solidarity posters. (index) (Poetry. 8+) Read full book review >