Books by Frank C. Strunk

THROWBACK by Frank C. Strunk
Released: Aug. 1, 1996

"Strunk tries to balance his macho violence with lessons on family values and homespun wisdom, but plot weaknesses make Clayfield's sensitive homilies hard to buy."
Two mountain men pursue each other through backwoods Kentucky in a bloody tale of violence and revenge. Read full book review >
JORDON'S SHOWDOWN by Frank C. Strunk
Released: May 19, 1993

"Not much mystery here—even if you don't figure out who hired Moody, you won't really care—or much period (1934) detail: an earnest, uninspired work."
When John L. Lewis and the United Mine Workers come to Stanton County, Kentucky, to make their pitch for unionizing, former county deputy Berkley Jordon—who lost his bid to become sheriff in Jordon's Wager (1991)—refuses coal-mining magnate H.R. Buxton's attempt to hire him to prevent an outbreak of violence. Read full book review >