Books by Frank Turner Hollon

Frank Turner Hollon is the author of The God File and The Pains of April. His short story “Left Behind” was included in Stories from the Blue Moon Café: Anthology of Southern Writers. His novels have been selected by BookSense 76 and Barnes & Noble’s Disc

THE POINT OF FRACTURE by Frank Turner Hollon
Released: Sept. 17, 2005

"Lack of suspense and an unconvincing portrayal of mental illness cripple Hollon's latest."
In a would-be thriller that's more gray than noir, a disturbed woman arranges her suicide to frame her husband for murder. Read full book review >
A THIN DIFFERENCE by Frank Turner Hollon
Released: March 12, 2003

"In all, a depressing, stereotype-heavy story, though it does move at a good clip."
For over 30 years, Jack Skinner has been a criminal defense lawyer in southern Alabama, but now he's on the skids. Read full book review >
THE GOD FILE by Frank Turner Hollon
Released: March 15, 2002

"A strong portrait of a man of nobility at odds with circumstance, but, ultimately, a world not much larger than the filebox Gabriel assembles so obsessively."
Alabama attorney Hollon (The Pains of April, 1999, not reviewed) does the jailhouse blues raw and quirky in this tale of a sensitive loser who took the murder-one rap for love, then spent the next 22 years methodically looking for God. Read full book review >