Books by Gloria Velásquez

FORGIVING MOSES by Gloria Velásquez
Released: May 31, 2018

"Occasional doses of heavy-handed didacticism and an abrupt ending mar an otherwise fine entry about an underrepresented topic. (glossary) (Fiction. 12-18)"
"Why can't I accept things the way they are?" Read full book review >
TOMMY STANDS TALL by Gloria Velásquez
Released: Oct. 31, 2013

"A decent choice for reluctant and struggling readers, as well as those interested in the struggles of gay and lesbian teens. (Fiction. 14-18)"
An issue-driven novel chronicling the experiences of a high school senior and his friends as they deal with issues connected to sexual orientation. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 1994

"Dry, repetitive, and all too realistic. (Glossary) (Fiction. YA)"
In this first book of Velásquez's projected Roosevelt High School series, Mexican-American Juanita Chávez is expelled from school for fighting, although she didn't start the fight and the white girl who did has not been punished at all. Read full book review >