Books by Greg Miller

Released: Oct. 2, 2018

"Ask John le Carré or Graham Greene: This isn't politics; this is what a war looks like when we're not shooting at each other. A solid entry in the sure-to-continue stream of books about Trump, Russia, and possible criminality in the highest office."
Dear Robert Mueller: Follow the money. Read full book review >
IRON WHEEL by Greg Miller
Released: April 1, 1998

"At worst, student-profound, Miller's modest verse occasionally rises to a hymnlike beauty."
paper 0-226-52780-0 This slight volume by the Millsaps College professor, with its semi-formal verse, strikes a generally elegiac tone while brooding over the conflicts of being gay, southern, and religious. —Word,— in particular, sets the absolutist anti-gay sentiments of the Baptist South in the historical context of justifying slavery, and imagines suicide as one sad solution. Read full book review >