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Just in time for spring cleaning, a new and hefty heaping of household hints from Heloise (daughter of the original Heloise who founded the popular 30-year-old syndicated column that serves as a model for this book's entries). And while it's useful to know that rolled-up nylon stockings make fabulous bathtub-ring cleaners, and a baking-soda scrub will do wonders for mucked-up chopping blocks, Heloise of course ranges far beyond cleaning or even mundane household fare such as cooking, repairing, organizing, gardening, sewing, pet care, etc.; since this is for the 90's, she offers tips on computers and other high-tech equipment ("Store recorded video tapes vertically to protect them from dust and dampness") and even on such extra-household activities as travel and camping. Crammed with common-sense and obvious ideas you'd never have thought of yourself, a household guide that's as much fun to read as it is handy to have. Read full book review >