Books by Isabel Gillies

Isabel Gillies wrote the bestselling memoir Happens Every Day after her first husband left her for another woman. Happiness, of course, truly is the best revenge, and her latest, A Year and Six Seconds, is proof that new love can come along faster than you expect. Here, Gillies shares her thoughts on love, loss and remarriage.

STARRY NIGHT by Isabel Gillies
Released: Sept. 2, 2014

"An imperfect but authentic look at teen love and betrayal that will entertain and touch readers. (Fiction. 12-16)"
An actor and memoirist's debut novel for teens explores the exhilaration—and heartbreak—of passionate first love. Read full book review >
A YEAR AND SIX SECONDS by Isabel Gillies
Released: Aug. 2, 2011

"The writing is uneven, and the author strains for material in the final chapters, but there's plenty of love, humor and hope to spare."
Part two of Gillies' (Happens Every Day, 2009) chatty, bittersweet chronicle of loss and renewal. Read full book review >
HAPPENS EVERY DAY by Isabel Gillies
Released: March 1, 2009

"Untidy but readable—a made-for-TV movie ready for casting."
The author's debut memoir chronicles how her storybook marriage went belly up. Read full book review >