Books by Isabel M. Arqués

KEN’S CLOUD by Isabel M. Arqués
Released: Sept. 1, 2001

Creativity is the theme in this charming first by Spanish-born Arqués. Young readers are introduced to Ken, a little boy who, bored with all his toys, goes out in search of something new to stimulate his interests. Staring at the sky from his rooftop, he invites a large fluffy cloud back to his room. There, he interacts with his new friend, using it to create loads of fun. Together they work to make it rain, causing a flood and putting Ken's teddy bear in danger. So, Ken simply opens his bedroom door to flush out all the water. His adventure continues when he helps the cloud produce snow. His room becomes a winter wonderland under the blizzard-like accumulation, but Ken grows uncomfortably cold. So, he bids the cloud farewell before blowing it out the window. Left alone without any excitement, Ken stares out his window at the bright shiny sun, pondering another invitation. Pelaez paints on white paper, creating a thin black border two inches from the edge, which gives the artwork a picture-framed look. Soft, calm shades are used throughout, with every piece outlined in black. Imaginative, but some may wonder if climbing on the roof is the answer to boredom. (Picture book. 5-8)Read full book review >