Books by Jayson Livingston

POINT BLANK by Jayson Livingston
Released: Jan. 15, 1990

Humdrum first novel introducing marriage-weary, work-weary Sacramento homicide cop Stu Reddman—here stalking a serial killer specializing in gorgeous, wealthy women, all of them sexually abused after death, and all possessing an identical coded notebook. Reddman's case intersects with two others—a giant who's stealing pies and cash at convenience stores, and a rigged poker game on a porn merchant's premises (gambling debts led to a recent cop suicide, so the police are eager to close the place fast). The porn merchant, it seems, has hired the pie thief to snuff the girls—his former string of hookers who swindled him out of three million bucks. Much siren-wailing later, the cops close in, but not in time to save the sleaze-king from a revenge-minded hooker. Despite the lavishly embellished murders, a routine treatment of a psycho killer, a sicko lowlife, and cops on the make—like a sexed-up version of a Collin Wilcox procedural. Read full book review >