Books by Jeff Mariotte

Released: July 1, 2004

Six college students are drawn into a centuries-old fight between witches—which might be suspenseful if this were any good. While Kerry works a summer job at a California resort, she shares a house with five oddly matched resort employees. Only Kerry volunteers to help the old man they find bleeding in their bushes, who predictably croaks "no doctors," before passing out. When their mysterious patient, Daniel, awakens looking magically younger, he kisses Kerry's hand and leaves. A few days later he returns to drag Kerry unwillingly away from a woman he insists will kill her. Daniel's family, it seems, has been at war with the witch Season Howe since 1704, when she killed every resident of Slocumb, Virginia, except for Daniel's pregnant mother. Now Kerry and her roommates are at risk because Summer knows they've seen Daniel, and they join his quest to kill her. Uninteresting machinations ensue, during which Kerry finds herself falling in love. Let's hope for no sequel, though three are promised. (Fantasy. YA)Read full book review >