Books by Jennifer Blake

SHAMELESS by Jennifer Blake
Released: June 1, 1994

"Sure-fire for the large following. (Literary Guild alternate selection)"
Bestselling romancer Blake's (Arrow to the Heart, 1993, etc.) latest pash-and-prowl novel offers a mild mystery, action, and, of course, the requisite twangs of ``sensuality incarnate.'' Here, again in a Louisiana setting, a young unhappily married woman and an ex-CIA man (with eyes the color of ``fresh-mined turquoise,'' no mere mole he) trade insults and make love amid a murder, a disappearance, missing records, and a row about ownership of the town's mill. Read full book review >
ARROW TO THE HEART by Jennifer Blake
Released: July 1, 1993

"Compared with Amanda Quick's Deception (see below), this is sluggish and shows all its gears—on autopilot for the fans, then, who are legion."
Blake's latest clanking steam calliope of a period romance takes place in 19th-century Louisiana—familiar territory to the author of Love and Smoke (Blake's 1989 hardcover debut), Joy and Anger, Wildest Dreams and many paperback palpitations. Read full book review >
JOY AND ANGER by Jennifer Blake
Released: July 1, 1991

"Reliable romantic suspense for the loyal Blake audience."
Blake's romances, now arriving in hardcover, may lack the total eye-blinding glitter of some of the top soapsters, but other Queens of Romance might take note of the impressive control of her popcorn plots, knowledgeable settings, and placement of pant-and- pash interludes. Read full book review >