Books by Jerry Kennealy

POLO'S LONG SHOT by Jerry Kennealy
Released: July 17, 2017

"A cheeky tale with a detective who both embraces and defies tradition."
A San Francisco private investigator's search for purloined valuables gets him entangled with mobsters and murder in Kennealy's (Beggar's Choice, 2013, etc.) latest mystery.Read full book review >
STILL SHOT by Jerry Kennealy
Released: April 1, 2008

"Carroll's second features too many secrets, too many felonies, too many detectives working at cross-purposes, too many dead folks in the back story, and ultimately too many killers."
A Hollywood starlet who disappeared years ago resurfaces just in time to die, an apparent suicide nobody believes. Read full book review >
JIGSAW by Jerry Kennealy
Released: April 19, 2007

"On the plus side, it's fun to see Carroll squeezed between two cops who like him for two different crimes, and there's lots of trivia for Hitchcock buffs."
The creator of private-eye Nick Polo (All That Glitters, 1997, etc.) launches a new series, in which a Bay Area newspaper critic meets a killer who's seen too many Hitchcock films. Read full book review >
ALL THAT GLITTERS by Jerry Kennealy
Released: Jan. 7, 1997

"A comfy setup, a nice mix of suspects, some insider tips on detective work, and Polo's reliable banter—it all adds up to a product much more reliable than that elusive paitza."
The Maltese Falcon of Nick Polo's tenth case (Beggar's Choice, 1994, etc.) is a gold paitza, a badge of honor that once belonged to Chingis Khan's son. Read full book review >
BEGGAR'S CHOICE by Jerry Kennealy
Released: Dec. 16, 1994

"Watch out for Polo's incessant editorial asides, though; he's in danger of getting as sententious, in his good-humored way, as Andy Rooney."
As a favor to his homeless acquaintance Scratchy, Nick Polo agrees to run down a few license plate numbers without knowing why. Read full book review >
VINTAGE POLO by Jerry Kennealy
Released: Dec. 6, 1993

"Kennealy's developed a quiet mastery of every aspect of the private- eye novel except the mystery."
Wheelchair-bound Sonoma vintner Angelo Baroni, Sr., doesn't take it lightly when somebody salts a vat of his prize chardonnay and takes a shot at his son Angelo, Jr.: he hires Nick Polo (Special Delivery, 1992, etc.) to investigate—and just in time, too, since a few hours later an explosion rocks his new sparkling-wine plant. Read full book review >
SPECIAL DELIVERY by Jerry Kennealy
Released: Dec. 8, 1992

"Middling for this pleasantly midlevel series: not as funny or well-plotted as the last two entries, Polo's Wild Card or Green with Envy, but sharper than Polo in the Rough."
Reluctantly accepting a commission from his old friend Raymond Singh to deliver a letter with a hefty check and a Hindi audiotape to Ray's cousin Gurbeep in London, Nick Polo finds Gurbeep tough to pin down. Read full book review >
GREEN WITH ENVY by Jerry Kennealy
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

"A fine entry in this modest, underrated series."
Despite a hilarious interlude in which he struggles to outdrink a villainous, self-contained secretary, this is an unusually sober case for San Francisco p.i. Read full book review >