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FATAL IMAGE by Jim Hurst
Released: May 15, 1998

A nerd is a terrible thing to waste, especially if he's a misfit like Kurt Sloane. Raised by a working prostitute, ridiculed by his schoolmates, Kurt's grown into a computer systems administrator at Security Insurance's San Francisco office without shedding his fierce social insecurities or his rabid hatred of the women who spurn his how-about-it-babe advances. One day he gets the neat idea of humiliating his officemates by posting subliminal suggestions on their computers, and you can probably supply the rest of the plot and dialogue of this crude, uninspired, strangely old-fashioned first novel yourself. (One line, though, you might not have had the guts to use: "We've just had another office manager jump off the roof"). Detecting honors go to investigative reporter David Chan—an eminently suitable nemesis for Sloane, who doesn't like —Chinks— any more than he likes —bitches.— Read full book review >