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MOONDANCE by Joanna Kenrick
Released: June 15, 2005

A tiger cub earns admission to an adult ritual in this empowering import. Every year at a certain time, the tigers all gather to dance muzzle-to-tail in a giant ring—no, not in remembrance of their hapless cousins in Little Black Sambo, but as a reaffirmation of community. Excluded because he's too young, little Teeho sulks off to dance on his own—and with practice comes up with a boogie so infectious that the grownups leave off their circling to join him. Drawn with a large, round head in Weir's predominantly orange and blue cartoons, Teeho sometimes looks very like a toddler in a tiger suit, a resemblance that won't be lost on preschoolers. They will also first laugh at the climactic scene of a plain filled with tigers jitterbugging on their hind legs, and then snap up Teeho's invitation to take, "One step forward, one step back. A twist to the side and a twirl of the tail." (Picture book. 5-7)Read full book review >