Books by Joanna Troughton

MAKE-BELIEVE TALES by Joanna Troughton
Released: Nov. 1, 1991

A frequent contributor to the useful ``Folk Tales of the World'' series retells a ``Law Tale'' concerning four animals who bet a rich traveler that they can tell a story the traveler won't believe, thereby providing a frame for a series of amusing tall tales. Finally, the traveler mendaciously claims that the animals are his slaves, giving them the choice of agreeing or losing the bet. But the ``Princess-Learned-in-Law'' points out that the terms of the bet were that only the animals were to tell stories: the traveler's allegation is clever but irrelevant—though he still wins the original bet. Troughton's brisk, clear telling is nicely embellished by her handsomely stylized illustrations, which employ bold white outlines in the manner of batik. An entertaining story that effectively represents the wisdom of the culture from which it comes. (Folklore/Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >