Books by Joe Kurmaskie

Released: May 1, 2003

"A little affected, but you have to admire Kurmaskie for following the Irish exhortation 'on yere bike'—shorthand for 'get off your arse and on with your life.'"
Another series of wayward bicycling adventures from the author of Metal Cowboy (1999), as spirited, searching, and hungry for laughs as ever. Read full book review >
METAL COWBOY by Joe Kurmaskie
Released: Sept. 10, 1999

"The metal cowboy is on a slow bike to nowhere in particular, and when he's not dispensing homilies, he knows how to enjoy the simple, immediate pleasures of two-wheeled freedom."
Fleet lessons, experiences, and absurdities, gathered from the saddle of a bicycle and mined for every identifiable nugget of humor or worthy apologue, from newcomer Kurmaskie. Read full book review >