Books by JoEllen Stammen McAllister

WILD FOX by Cherie Mason
Released: July 5, 1993

A journalist/wildlife advocate who lives on Maine's Deer Isle recounts her friendship with a three-legged fox. She first observed him when he had just escaped from a steel trap; feeding him while he healed, she won his trust. The leisurely narrative describes ``Vicky's'' behavior that spring and summer—his fondness for blueberry muffins, his moonlight antics, his renewed ability to hunt. In the fall, he returned to the wild, his departure accompanied with a gentle homily (addressed more to readers than to the fox) on hazards to avoid, especially man. Longer than Faith McNulty's Orphan (1992) and not quite so gracefully phrased, but with similar appeal. McAllister's beautifully observed art is precisely rendered in softly muted tones; portraits and lively spreads are supplemented with charming initial vignettes to punctuate the solid blocks of text. Handsome and appealing. (Nonfiction. 5+) Read full book review >