Books by John A. Garraty

Released: Nov. 21, 1994

With the same thoroughness and sound judgment he devoted to The Reader's Companion to American History (not reviewed), Garraty has edited this marvelous reference book for younger readers. From ``Abortion'' to ``Ziegfeld, Florenz,'' students of history can find articles that are long enough to inform without being daunting and are exceptionally well written. The contributors are professors and writers, including Eric Foner (History/Columbia Univ.) on Reconstruction, Dee Brown on Sitting Bull, and Garraty himself on colonial America, the vice-presidency, and much more. The articles cover politics, science, the arts, and popular culture and are illustrated with clear, well- captioned photographs, maps, and tables. Women and minorities are fairly represented. Garraty has appended the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and additional informative tables, as well as a map of the US (map not seen). A comprehensive and superbly compiled guide to our nation's history. (Reference. 12+) Read full book review >