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CROSSOVER by Judith Eubank
Released: Jan. 15, 1992

From first-novelist Eubank, a most deliciously appealing historical romance/ghost story. In England to earn an advanced degree in 18th-century fiction, beautiful American Meredith Blake is assigned a room in Edwards Hall, the former home of the Thornton family back in the 1800's. Suddenly, things start to happen—at certain places in the Hall and around it Meredith is swept back in time and becomes the Thornton nanny; and although scared and discombobulated, she deduces that ``she'' and Charles Thornton are in love and plan on killing his malingering wife Isabel on Guy Fawkes Night. Meanwhile, her 19th-century double has assumed her place in present-day Edwards Hall and is scared witless. Confiding in her dashing tutor, Peter Graham, Meredith enlists his aid in thwarting the past—keeping the murder from happening. Will she be time-lapsed back before the threat is carried out? Using a hand- drawn map based on the location of an Essex ley—five points in mystical/supernatural alliance, which cause Meredith's ``crossover'' when she transverses one—Meredith does regress to discover a very different murder story indeed. Likable characters and a carefully developed past-and-present plot—a winner for smart, albeit gentle and affectionate, readers. Read full book review >